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Seaport Crossing Sales; Hub Housing Costs; Bike Feedback

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HUB-WIDE—Find out where buyers in other locales stand against us: "Home buyers in Greater Boston should expect to pay about 22 percent of their income, or $1,380 a month, on mortgage payments. That share is down from the pre-bubble years of 1985 to 2000, but still higher than the national average of 15.1 percent." [Globe]
SOUTH BOSTON—It's apparently the high rents and the low mortgage rates: "Jay Rooney of William Raveis Realty has 50 buyers interested in 11 market-rate condos at Seaport Crossing in South Boston that aren't on the market yet, and says he will sell out the building in less than 30 days after it's listed."
BOSTON—Here's a roundup of the city's thinking on bicycling. After all: "Community members are asking for infrastructure to support biking for health, commuting, and recreation. Developers are finding that bicycle amenities are a desired community benefit as well as an attraction for potential tenants." [BRA]