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This. Is. Jeopardy! Category Was South End Development

The clue was: The address of this development, which will add 378 housing units to the South End, is 275 Albany Street.

The answer is: What is the Troy Boston? We would've also accepted: What is the Troy? The complex, which is one of several new ones in the busy, busy South End, takes its name from the upstate New York town of the same name because the site it's on was part of the Boston and Albany Railroad.

We did not accept the following answers:
· I-93 On-ramp Towers
· NOPSI (North of Pine Street Inn)
· 1 stubby building way

They weren't in the form of a question.
· Meet Troy Boston, Part of the South End's Building Boomlet [Curbed Boston]
· 600 Harrison Joining South End's Constructionpalooza [Curbed Boston]
· Our Games archive [Curbed Boston]

275 Albany Street

275 Albany Street, Boston, MA