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Blue Line to Kenmore, Green to Dudley and Other Dreams

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Above is the latest what-if re: the T from a dreamer on Reddit. It imagines a bigger, faster, longer subway system, including the Blue Line to Kenmore, the Green Line to Dudley Square and the Orange Line to Chelsea.

Interestingly enough, the clever hypothetical omits the Red Line extension all the way through Arlington that almost, kind of, could have happened in the 1980s, when federal transit money flowed into the region like beer into an Emerson student's mouth, thanks to Tip O'Neill being speaker of the U.S. House. It didn't happen, of course. Locals didn't want to be that connected to the rest of the region (traffic and you know...). One would think that they've changed their mind (just look at how Somerville pines for the Green Line). But it's too damn late—even in Fantasy T World.
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