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Chinatown Disappearing; Cambridge Bike Commuters; More!

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CHINATOWN—The neighborhood keeps on changing, if not disappearing: "Thibeault Development recently closed on the purchase of the property at 630-636 Washington Street—a.k.a. the building where you'll find the Registry of Motor Vehicles and a Dunkin' Donuts—and will be petitioning the Boston Board of Zoning Appeal to allow permitting of it for 31 housing units." [Daily]
CAMBRIDGE—You knew this, though, right? Cambridge has one of the nation's highest percentages of bike commuters. [Atlantic Cities]
EAST BOSTON—Check out 31 Chelsea Street for an idea of how much the area's housing costs have morphed: "Public records indicate the property has traded hands four times in 15 years, each deal marking a significant premium over the last. In the interim, the price per rental unit has nearly tripled, from roughly $47,000 in 1999 to just over $121,000..." [Biz Journal]