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Brookline Estate's Ace in the Hole? Huge Japanese Maple

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The recently listed estate at 75 Sargent Road in Brookline is magnificent just on the face of things: more than 6,000 square feet of living space, including six bedrooms and five and a half bathrooms; 1.2 acres of land; three fireplaces and two bluestone patios; a private pond; bones in the 1860s and updates in the Jazz Age.

Yet what really sets it apart is this curious boast from the Hammond Residential listing: The property hosts "one of the largest Japanese Maple trees in North America."

Here's how that came to be. Seventy-five Sargent was once part of Holm Lea, the estate of the Sargent family. One member, Charles Sprague Sargent, was the first director of the Arnold Arboretum in Jamaica Plain beginning in 1872. Before that, he honed his skills planting and cultivating on the family estate. See?

The whole shebang, giant maple and all, can be yours for $5,650,000.
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