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Renting in Back Bay for Less Than $2K a Month—Yes, You Can

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Boston's toniest neighborhood is known more for monster multimillion-dollar sales and five-figure leases than it is for deals. But a decent rental on a modest (for downtown Boston) budget can be had if you don't mind 263 square feet of living space. We found nine apartments in Back Bay currently asking less than $2,000 a month, starting with the 650-square-foot studio at 305 Beacon Street pictured above going for $1,900 a month and not allowing pets. The fireplace is strictly decorative.

260 Beacon Street, #2
This is the biggest of the lot (733 square feet) and asking $1,900. No pets allowed here either. There's laundry in the building.

325 Beacon Street, #2
This 400-square-foot studio wants $1,895.


389 Beacon Street, #2
This 450-square-foot studio comes furnished and wants $1,850.

425 Beacon Street, #2
This is the smallest of the bunch, the 263-square-footer. It comes furnished for $1,800.

103 Marlborough Street, #2
This 415-square-foot studio asking an even $1,800 includes a new Murphy bed. There is also laundry in the building and dogs up to a certain size are O.K.

478 Beacon Street, #B1
Laundry on the same floor and an office nook in the 500-square-foot studio! All for $1,800.

336 Marlborough Street, #6
This 1-BR, 1-BA runs to 350 square feet and wants $1,650 a month. No pets, please.

47 Hereford Street, #1F
The fireplace is strictly decorative in this 300-square-foot studio asking $1,450. It's the cheapest apartment in Back Bay right now.
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