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Sitting Sales Watch Along Busy, Busy Harrison Avenue

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There is so much going up along and around Harrison Avenue in the South End that it's important to pay attention to what's there already—gives you a sense of what the new stuff will sell or rent for. Take this 818-square-foot loft at 725 Harrison, which promises its owner elevator access from the complex's parking garage. It hit the sales market way back on April 3 for $589,000. Given the frenetic froth pitch-perfect health of the Boston condo market, you can kind of guess what happened next, can't you?

Unit E303 closed on May 8 for $605,000—or about $739 a square foot and a total of $16K over the asking price after only 35 days officially on the market. That's the environment the likes of the Sepia Boston and the Ink Block are joining.
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345 Harrison Avenue

345 Harrison Avenue, Boston, MA