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Parcel K O.K.; Charlestown Battalion Armory; 1467 Tremont

SOUTH BOSTON—The Boston Redevelopment Authority O.K.'d the development of the so-called Parcel K, a bunch of parking lots, into 304 housing units, including micro-apartments, and an approximately 247-room hotel as well as office and retail space. [BRA]
CHARLESTOWN—The BRA also said yes to the redevelopment of 374-398 Bunker Hill Street (a.k.a. the Charlestown Battalion Armory). It will house 42 condos as well as 84 car and 42 bike spaces. [BRA]
MISSION HILL—Finally! The BRA approved 1467 Tremont Street, which will create 16 market-rate apartments as well as two affordable ones and plenty of retail space, parking, bike-racking, etc. Busy, busy Thursday evening for the BRA. [BRA]