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Grilled Cheese & Burgers; Vegan Donuts; More!

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Let's grab a bite of restaurant news with Eater Boston.

ALLSTON—The much-anticipated Roxy's Grilled Cheese brick-and-mortar location opens in Allston's Union Square on Monday. Here's a look at the menu (which includes burgers!) and the space.
SOMERVILLE—Meanwhile in Somerville's Union Square, Union Square Donuts, which is in the process of moving from a shared space to their own larger space a few doors down, has introduced a vegan donut to the mix. For now, it'll only be available on Saturdays, and the current flavor involves pineapple and ginger.
HUB-WIDE—Here are eight gluten-free-friendly restaurants where you can get your pasta/pizza/etc. fix, minus the gluten.
SOUTH END—After 87 years, popular South End breakfast spot Charlie's Sandwich Shoppe will close at the end of June.