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It's Apartments for Allston Karaoke Studio DoReMi

Everybody's favorite rubber stamp(TM), the Boston Redevelopment Authority, has O.K.'d the development of 40 apartments at 442 Cambridge Street in Allston. The four-story development, which will also include 1,631 square feet of commercial space as well as 57 parking spaces and room for 40 bikes, will replace the 17-year-old DoReMi karaoke studio and the house behind it.

The BRA has also O.K.'d 40 Malvern Street near Packard's Corner. There, a parking lot and a house will be transformed into a six-story apartment building with 48 units as well as 44 parking spaces (despite offering, as the BRA put it, "easy access" to the Green Line, buses and commuter rail). Construction on both 40 Malvern and 442 Cambridge could start before 2015.
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