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Avalon at Assembly Row; Neighborhood Prices; Moving

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SOMERVILLE—The "mini-city" that is Assembly Row continues to take shape: "Tenants have started moving into the Avalon at Assembly Row, a 195-unit luxury development — part of an urban village development with walkable streets and ground-floor shops." [Herald]
HUB-WIDE—John Keith hunts for silver linings on behalf of prospective buyers: "Looking at the numbers on a neighborhood-by-neighborhood basis gives a clearer, more realistic idea of what's going on where you live and where you want to live." [Boston Mag]
MASS.-WIDE—Could it be the cartoonishly high housing costs? Nah. "Massachusetts residents are among the most eager to move elsewhere, according to a recently published Gallup Poll. Massachusetts ranks 8th on the list, with 41 percent of residents saying they would leave the Bay State if they could." [Patch]

Assembly Row

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