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Where Chinatown Meets Two Districts—Or Does It?

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The developers of the new 26-story Radian, where studios go for around $3,000 a month and you don't wanna know the rents for bigger spreads, are hosting a ribbon-cutting today, complete with a visit from Hizzoner, Marty Walsh. Located at 120 Kingston Street, at the site of the old Dainty Dot building, its builders have described the Radian as sitting at the nexus of the Theater District, the Leather District and Chinatown.

Chinatown, however, is slowly disappearing. Meanwhile, to the northwest an emboldened Downtown Crossing (Millennium Place, Millennium Tower, millennium!) is creeping further and farther out as it morphs from dead-after-5PM to 24-7. So in what neighborhood or nexus of neighborhoods might such fluctuations place a building at 120 Kingston? Share your thoughts. No points for saying "off the Greenway."
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120 Kingston Street

120 Kingston Street, Boston, MA

Millennium Place

580 Washington St, Boston, MA 02111