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Boston Sidewalks; Fixing the BRA; No Allston Station

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BOSTON—The city's taking a serious look at the state of its sidewalks: "With gaping chasms in Chinatown, heel-catching gaps on Beacon Hill, steeply pitched slabs of concrete in Southie and bad curb cuts all over town, it's like a war zone for urban walkers as well as the wheelchair-bound." [Herald]
BOSTON—So the answer's more mayoral control? Got it. "Walsh has already quietly launched the first major offensive—perhaps the defining offensive—of his tenure. Its opening salvo is a far-reaching independent audit of the city's most notoriously difficult—and crucial—agency: the Boston Redevelopment Authority. Walsh aides believe the BRA scrub, a months-long audit by the global firm KPMG, is the first-ever serious, outside look at the condition of the agency." [Boston Mag]
ALLSTON—Long-term it could still happen: "A proposal to build a new Allston rail station—an ambitious idea that could link Cambridge, Allston, and downtown Boston with speedy train service—will remain dormant for now, MassDOT officials say, because there is not enough money to pay for it in the budget of a related highway project." [Globe]