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Bonkers South End Deck for Sale, Penthouse Included

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This newly listed 1-BR, 1.5-BA, 863-square-foot condo at the Modern off Northampton Street in the South End is impressive enough. It caps the complex and has skyline views from every window. But! What really sells it—and is being used to sell it—is the approximately 700-square-foot deck that comes with it (or, we should say, it comes with). Said deck includes a storage shed and built-in automated irrigation for the perimeter planters. And! Depending on how you play your cards, it can come with a heat lamp, the patio furniture and a gas grill as well.

Unit SKY702 (that's its moniker) at the Modern is asking $879,000—or $1,018.54 per interior square foot. As for the deck, you can't price that. Not in this weather.
· Listing: 257 Northampton Street, SKY702 [Modern Mass]
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