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That Time the Blue Line Was Supposed to Go to Lynn

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We knew about the Red Line to Arlington and Lexington that never happened. And everyone knows about the Green Line to Somerville and Medford that is very much (probably) going to happen. But we had no idea about the Blue Line to Lynn that almost was.

Jonathan Berk clues us in: "So, according to the original plans for the now MBTA Blue Line, the line was supposed to continue beyond Wonderland, through Revere and into Lynn. ... Could this still be done? It's been rumored for years but has encountered financial and logistical hurdle after hurdle and talk of the subject has basically stopped." Shame, given what a faster transit connection can do for a local economy. Looks like Lynn is stuck on the commuter rail (admittedly not the worst of fates for those hunting for housing bargains).
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