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The Hottest Hub Neighborhoods Right Now for New Tenants

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What are the hottest Hub neighborhoods to rent in right this very second? Behold! Our pals at RentHop have heatmaps spelling out the monthly bottom lines in different enclaves. Here's how it works: The heatmaps show median rents, 25th percentile rents, and 75th percentile rents based on real-time listings; they also show how many said listings there are in different neighborhoods.
More alluringly, they show via a snazzy color scheme which neighborhoods would be the best to try your luck in if you're a prospective tenant (and there are a lot of those in these parts come summertime, eh?). The lighter a color, the higher the rents right now; the darker the color, the lower the rents. We're looking at you, Cambridge-Boston borderlands. North End waterfront, not so much. Hot!
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