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This Is Why Boston Can't Have Nice Parklets

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The space outside 1524-1528 Tremont Street in Mission Hill was one of Boston's three inaugural parklets, those patio-like spreads that generally take up two to three parking spaces. The city installed it last year with the help of neighboring businesses and with input from residents. It's not coming back this year. And its absence goes a long way toward explaining why Boston, America's most walkable big city and a place where bicyclists are people too, cannot seem to grow parklets the way other towns can.

As Rebeca Oliveira explains in the Mission Hill Gazette, it all comes down to parking—specifically the parking that the parklet took up on Tremont. One of the two business owners involved does not want said parking being taken up again by the tables, chairs and plantings that comprise the parklet. The other business owner is fine with that.

Lilly's owner Matthew Postal told the Gazette this week that the parklet has not been reinstalled due to push-back from his "neighbor." When asked if that meant Mike's Donuts, he said, "You said it, not me." When the Gazette called Weinograd, she directed the Gazette to speak to the City before the call abruptly ended. A follow-up call went directly to voicemail. Perhaps the car is still king in Boston after all. Meanwhile, the city is apparently looking into relocating the parklet to Roslindale. That and it's trying to work with the businesses to keep it in Mission Hill. Stay tuned.
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