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Expanding the T's Talking Buses; Missing 'the Old South End'

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HUB-WIDE—The MBTA is looking at more buses with turn-alert systems: "But now the MBTA is expanding on the program it first introduced in 2011, to see if it will be worth installing onboard when they buy newer buses in the future. Since the first one was fastened, seven others select buses in the T's fleet, that operate out of the Charlestown garage, have recently been equipped with the special electronic devices." [Daily]
SOUTH END—Lamentations at the passing of the "Old South End": "'I think rich people are boring. People's values are different. One of the things that's happening, the big thing, is the gap between the rich people, the white people, and the people who aren't rich. It used to be a friendly place and we just don't understand each other at all,' Barnet said. 'We've gone so far in the opposite direction.'" []