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Boston-Rome Summit; Casino Decision; 'Sweetheart Deals'

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BOSTON—Biking in Boston has nothing on biking there: "At the end of the month, Ignazio Marino, Rome's mayor, is scheduled to fly to Boston for an event hosted by the Boston Society of Architects, before he makes a quick stop at City Hall to sit down with Mayor Marty Walsh for a private meeting. It's during that rendezvous that the pair of governmental leaders is expected to trade transportation secrets that have worked in their respective cities, and discuss everything from needs, strategies, and 'vital urban topics.'" [Daily]
BOSTON—What did become of all that hubbub about the BRA? "A city councilor is warning the Boston Redevelopment Authority to stop granting sweetheart deals to cronies of former Mayor Thomas M. Menino for prime Boston Marine Industrial Park parcels in the booming Seaport District, demanding instead that all future deals be done through a transparent, public bidding process." [Herald]
HUB-WIDE—Boom: "The chairman of the Massachusetts Gaming Commission said today he would recuse himself from any further involvement in the decision to license a casino in Eastern Massachusetts. Stephen P. Crosby said his behavior and judgment relating to the parties bidding for the casino in the region has been questioned over the past several months, 'sometimes in good faith, sometimes in bad faith.'" [Globe]