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Here's Why Charlestown Has Had So Many $1M-Plus Deals

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The newish townhouse complex called Warren Green has apparently been a major scale-tipper in Charlestown as far as luxury sales go in the neighborhood. Veteran broker Nancy Roth told our David Bates that Warren Green was the reason there were six Charlestown sales of more than $1 million in 2012, but an astounding 27 in 2013.

Here's a smattering of the 17-unit development's closing prices from last year:
· The 3-BR, 3-BA, 2,240-square-foot townhouse at 37 Park Street went for $1,199,000 after asking $1,200,000.
· No. 35 Park, same size, went for $1,189,000 after also asking $1.2M.
· The 3-BR, 2.5-BA, 2,125-square-foot 25 Warren Street sold for $1,150,000 after being listed for $1,135,000.
$#183; The 3-BR, 2.5-BA, 2,125-square-foot 29 Warren Street went for its asking price of $1,135,000.
· No. 33 Warren, a 3-BR, 2.5-BA spread over 2,050 square feet, asked and got $1,089,000.
· Finally, gander at 27 Warren Street: 3-BR, 2.5-BA, 2,125-square feet that asked $1,135,000 and got it.

We should also note that these and other units at Warren Green sold relatively fast (no surprise there in Boston nowadays), going on the market in March 2013 and closing in the late summer and early fall.
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Warren Green

1 Thompson Square, Boston, MA