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Green Line Extension; T Farming; Wages and Boston Rents

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SOMERVILLE—Green Line, baby, Green Line: "Having recently sold seven condos in a new development at 129 Highland Avenue, where the listing trumpeted its walkability to the planned Union Square and Gilman stops, Miller believes that Union Square properties may be the one example where the Green Line is truly influencing prices." [Globe]
HUB-WIDE—The MBTA is looking to get into the urban-farming game: "There aren't many details on the program as of now, and no listings of available spaces, but the promotion planted by Transit Realty on their website calls the advantageous agricultural trend a 'future opportunity.'" [Daily]
BOSTON—"It now takes 43 percent of the average wage in Boston to swing the median rent on a two-bedroom apartment, Trulia reports. That's well outside the comfort zone of 30 percent of income going to either rent or a mortgage." Have a nice weekend. [Real Estate Now]