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Beacon Hill's Benjamin Mansion Is Going to Sell, Dammit!

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Boston's priciest listing right now is the Benjamin Mansion, a converted apartment building at 74 Beacon Street selling as a single, six-level townhouse. It has been on the market for what feels like forever (four years, give or take) and has been rented for $40,000 a month as it sits, awaiting a buyer. Things appear to be heating up a tad in that department.

The Herald talks (again) with the brokers and developer/owner behind the 8,450-square-foot manse overlooking the Public Garden and capped with a lap pool (one of many prime residential pools in Boston). Turns recent renovations, such as moving the kitchen from the basement to the first floor, are complete; and it's go time as far as a hard sell in Boston's frothy perfectly reasonable housing market.

Just listen to seller Peter Georgantas, who bought it in 2007 and converted it to the beaut you see today: "Someone can buy this property that offers a sense of history as well as privacy. Or they can spend the money on a top-tier condo unit without much character that feels like a hotel." It's so on.
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Benjamin Mansion

74 Beacon Street, Boston, MA