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New Public Art in Dorchester; No Middle-Class in the Hub

DORCHESTER—The deadline's June 20: "The Fields Corner area of Dorchester is in for a public art facelift. The Boston Art Commission recently announced that they're entertaining submissions for an artistic display to be commissioned at Doherty-Gibson Park." [BostInno]
HUB-WIDE—Vignettes from the region's disappearing middle-class: "Many residences in East Boston, the very neighborhood where she was raised, are out of reach financially. One East Boston residence in recent days went for $900,000, a price few Bostonians could ever afford. ... And living in Brookline, like Cohen does, or Newton is a far cry from living in Everett, and thus the difference in what we think of as middle-class. And Cohen says in his community, where the average home cost is $899,000, income is trickling down less and less each day." [WGBH]