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Mad-Crazy Weston Manse w/ Mad-Crazy Pool Tries Again

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A month ago we mapped several apartment and condo buildings with swanky pools. Never mind that: Check out the indoor pool at this mansion at 12 Claridge Drive in Weston. It's a girthquaking 61 feet long and 39 feet wide, and it comes with a hot tub and a sauna. Anyway! The rest of the 20,781-square-foot manse set on nearly 3.5 acres is rather impressive, too: a main hall with a limestone fireplace; exercise rooms (note the plural); a 1950s-style ice cream parlor; a wine cellar with tasting area; a four-car garage; yada yada Weston. Twelve Claridge last sold in December 2008 for $11,265,000.

It now wants $11,000,000 even. It's not for want of trying that it's coming in lower than its 2008 closing tag: The estate was originally listed for $11,700,000 in March 2012; that listing disappeared in October. And now 12 Claridge is back with Coldwell Banker for the new asking. We'll see what happens.
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