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Tallest of the Tall: Boston's Mightiest New Residential Towers

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We always knew that one of the Christian Science Plaza towers would likely become Boston's tallest residential building. But wowza! The Globe's Casey Ross drops some bombshell details this morning. The tower, for instance, will be 699 feet, making it not only by far the tallest residential tower in Boston but the third-tallest overall, behind office giants the Pru and the John Hancock.

Developed by Carpenter & Co. and designed by Henry Cobb (the starchitect behind the Hancock way back when), it will include 211 hotel rooms on the first 20 floors and 180 condos over the rest of the 60 stories. And! Those rooms and residences shall be managed by the Four Seasons. "We're really going from luxury to super luxury," broker Kevin Ahearn told Ross of downtown Boston. Congrats!

Where does this newest tower at 1 Dalton Street, though, fit in amongst the pantheon of other 600-foot-plus residential spires sprouting in Boston?


Millennium Tower
You all know Millennium Tower by now, right? It's the 625-foot, 56-story luxury condo building sprouting from the hole of the former Filene's in Downtown Crossing. Developer Millennium Partners started its sales registration this spring for its 450 units.

TD Garden Tower
Developer Boston Properties and TD Garden operator Delaware North unveiled plans in the fall for a forest of spires around the arena, including a 600-foot, 45-story residential building with 500 units. It received some serious tax breaks in late 2013 to get under way.

Copley Place Tower
After much contention with neighbors over its height and shadows, the city last fall approved the 52-story addition to Copley Place. The 625-footer will include 433 apartments and 109 condos as well as a street-friendly retail base.

Wonderful this new development, especially from the perspective of prospective buyers and renters. Now Boston just needs to build, like, 15 more such towers and yesterday.
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Copley Place Tower

100 Huntington Ave., Boston, MA 02116