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Parsing the Mansion That's Now Cambridge's Priciest Rental

Ginormous asking rents are nothing new in the Greater Boston region, of course, though every now and then one comes along that makes tear at your hair and whisper "seriously?" The 5,500-square-foot manse at 50 Mount Vernon Street just off Porter Square in Cambridge is one of those asking rents. Sure, it's nice: formal gardens; a window seat in the den; vaulted ceilings in the study; room for billiards; five bedrooms; four and a half bathrooms; and right dang there near the Red Line (though there's also garage and driveway parking).

As of last week, 50 Mount Vernon wants $15,000 a month. That makes it by far Cambridge's priciest rental (though it's got nothing on the mad-crazy numbers dropping at Boston's higher-end). Is it worth it? Let us know.
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Porter Square

1899 Massachusetts Avenue, Cambridge, MA 02140