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This $17M Brookline Estate Is Nothing But Second-Best Now

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Friday's thunderclap of news re: 101 Fernwood Road in Brookline, it of the $18,000,000 price tag, left us scratching our heads: If the 10,000-square-foot, 12-room manse on nearly 4 acres was the new priciest listing in the entire Boston region, what had been the most expensive? Then we remembered: 39 Sears Road, also in Brookline and also tickling $20M in its ambitions.

The 15,453-square-foot, 23-room estate, with 3.6 acres of lawn and lily ponds as well as a four-bay garage, dropped in August 2013 for a cool $17,000,000. It has held at that price now for more than 300 days. And, given the new monster listing in town, it will likely hold there until 101 Fernwood blinks first. Or sells.
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