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Behold, the Newest Luxury Building Slated For the Greenway

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Add another luxury tower to the Rose Kennedy Greenway: Developer Boston Residential (clever) wants to build a 12-story condo building on India Street in the Financial District-North End borderlands.

The building would have 44 condos ranging from 600-square-foot 1-BRs to 1,750-square-foot 3-BRs and would include 4,000 square feet of restaurant/residential space—all on a site that's now a small parking lot (Boston needs condos, after all, not more goddamn parking spaces).

As if anticipating the opposition that almost any development engenders in Boston, the developer stated in its initial filing with the city that any shadows cast by the mammoth 12-story spire would be limited to nearby streets and sidewalks. Moreover! It's 117-foot height is within the 120-foot zoning for that area known as the Town Cove. Quaint.
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