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JP's Trayvon Martin Memorial; Sullivan Square's Paving; More!

JAMAICA PLAIN—Artist Matthew Hincman has created a memorial to Trayvon Martin at the corner of Eliot and Center streets: "On its flat top is a low relief depicting a hoodie sweatshirt cast to the ground. Around the sides it bears Hincman's name and the curious message 'Still, 2014.' The guerrilla artwork is unobtrusive, camouflaged by how well it matches its environs." [The Artery]
HUB-WIDE—David Bates has learned many lessons as a real estate broker, none more paramount than that "that the fat lady only sings when you get a call after the closing from the attorney saying, 'We've gone to record.'" [Bates]
CHARLESTOWN—Here's some good news traffic-wise for a change: "Mayor Martin J. Walsh announced today that the road improvement to Sullivan Square in Charlestown has wrapped up one day ahead of schedule." [Globe]

Sullivan Square

Interstate 93, Boston, MA