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Bay Village Condos Going Where Boston Fire Killed 492

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On Monday, we told you about the first rowhouse-style condo offered at the brand-new condo-complex-in-the-making at 21 Piedmont Street in Bay Village. It's luxurious and airy and comes with a 600-square-foot private deck. Pretty straightforward, eh, particularly in this go-go Boston condo market of ours? John A. Keith, however, adds a whole other layer to thinking about this fresh construction.

He notes: "On November 28, 1942, a fire broke out at the Cocoanut Grove restaurant/supperclub on Piedmont Street in Bay Village, killing 492 patrons." That's right: The eight condos of what has been dubbed Piedmont Park Square are coming together on land where hundreds of people perished nearly 72 years ago. There's more:

In its heyday, the club had more than 10,000-square feet of space, including three bars and lounges, as well as room for dining and dancing below a stage where the house band performed. It spread between three buildings a city-block wide, nestled among Broadway, Shawmut, and Piedmont Streets. Today, the roads have been reconfigured, and the Revere Hotel actually occupies much of the physical space where the club was located. These eight new homes will rise on the remaining land, which for much of the past 70 years has been a surface parking lot on Piedmont Street... Of course, today's construction has nothing to do with last century's tragedy. Still. The single-floor units at Piedmont Park Square start at $1,200,000. The rowhouse-style numbers begin at $2,792,000.
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