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New South Boston Development; Chinese Tourism Jump

SOUTH BOSTON—The red house over yonder at 945 East Broadway is now more. A tipster tells us it's been torn down "to put up 2 residential units with 11 units each. I don't have any renderings or anything because this is information taken from the contractor on site, but the units will have under ground parking and since the site is set on a little hill they could be some of the nicest units in the area." [Curbed Boston]
HUB-WIDE—One nation in particular is likely to start adding a lot more tourist to the region's summer streetscapes: "The first nonstop flight ever between Boston and mainland China arrives Friday at Logan – a 13 hour, 20 minute route flown by Hainan Airlines from Beijing. Before this, people flying from China had to transfer from another major city, such as New York or San Francisco, adding around six hours' travel time." [Day]