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What $3,000 a Month Rents You in the South End

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The annual Thunderdome that is the Boston rental season is upon us, and so we scout some of the city's more popular neighborhoods. That undoubtedly includes the South End. It was, after all, the winner of the 2012 Curbed Boston Cup. Here we find that $3,000 a month basically gets you at least a 1-BR, though 2-BRs are in supply as well. As for actual square-footage, good luck: $3K isn't getting you anything bigger than 900 or so feet to play with this summer. But! It can get you a private roof deck. Take hope.

We start with the above: Unit 5 at 48 Dwight Street has two bedrooms and one bathroom and 785 square feet. There's lots of closet space and laundry in the building. Note, though: The common roof deck ain't usable right now.

The 2-BR, 1-BA, 750-square-foot Unit 4 at 33 Hanson Street comes with a private roof deck.


The 2-BR, 1-BA Unit 3 at 82 Worcester Street is 800 square feet even and comes with new appliances in the kitchen. There's tons of exposed brick, too, if that's your thing.

Unit 3 at 84 Berkeley Street has two bedrooms, one bathroom, common laundry and common outdoor space. It's 850 square feet.

Unit 4 at 101 Pembroke Street comes with in-unit laundry and a private roof deck! The 1-BR, 1-BA, 609-square-foot spread may be the coolest of the bunch.

The 1-BR, 1-BA, 800-square-foot Unit 3 at 8 Union Park has in-unit laundry, a new kitchen and... get this... central air. Go.
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