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M.I.T.'s Multi-Purpose Furniture; Hub's Hot Housing Market

HUB-WIDE—From M.I.T., just in time for micro-apartments! "The Media Lab's Changing Places group has uploaded a video demonstration of CityHome, a transformable multi-purpose piece of furniture they designed to make your 200-square-foot apartment feel three times larger. Not only does the unit double as a desk, dinner table, lighting fixture, bed, and moveable wall, but it has built in sensors, motors, and LED lights." [Daily]
HUB-WIDE—Guess what, y'all? The region's housing market is amongst the 10 hottest in the nation: "Too few homes on the market contributed to a 12.4% decline in sales, says the Greater Boston Association of Realtors, while pent-up buyer demand continues to send prices higher. At the current pace, the batch of for-sale listings would sell in 3.6 months, nearly half the six months considered a balance between buyers and sellers." [Time/Money]