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Lone Star Taco Bar in Cambridge; Eat This Chicken; More!

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Time for a tasty bite of restaurant news from Eater Boston.

ALLSTON—Lulu's Allston is now open in the former Cafe Brazil space, serving comfort food with a twist: wild game Frito chili pie, boar bolognese, and the like.
FINANCIAL DISTRICT—Finally, a new life for the Radius space. Seth Greenberg (of the imminently opening Bastille Kitchen, among other things) is turning it into New England's first outpost of Serafina, an international chain serving Northern Italian food.
EAST CAMBRIDGE—Lone Star Taco Bar is reportedly expanding across the river, possibly to the current Lizzy's space on Cambridge Street.
HUB-WIDE—Here are eight must-try fried chicken dishes around town, from the chicken and waffles at Trina's Starlite Lounge to the once-a-month fried chicken sandwich at Cutty's.