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Mission Hill, Brighton Developments; Southie on the Big Screen

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SOUTH BOSTON—Neighborhood residents have had it with all Whitey Bulger glorification: "'We're not trying to glorify him,' the crew member said, butting into the conversation. 'Just so you know.' David Ivaska went off like a chainsaw. He told the crew member where he could go and then told him again, screaming him back up G Street, back to the set of "Black Mass," the Whitey Bulger biopic that is now filming on the streets of his South Boston." [Globe]
MISSION HILL—Only 43 of the 145 condos and apartment will be market-rate: "The proposed 11-story building will be next to a Brigham and Women's Hospital building now under construction on the Riverway at Fenwood Road — and the hospital is a partner in the project, for which it is donating the land, along with the Roxbury Tenants of Harvard, a non-profit group that currently maintains some 1,000 apartments in the Longwood/Mission Hill area." [Hub]
BRIGHTON—Yet another project in Boston's next It neighborhood: "Boston developers are proposing to build 101 units of rental housing on 1.5 acres of property along Commonwealth Avenue in Brighton. The project next to the Brighton Marine Health Center calls for construction of a six-story building that would contain apartments for a mix of income levels. About half of the units would be intended for veterans and their families." [Globe]