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Behold, Boston's Most Expensive One-Bedroom Condo

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It's in Back Bay. It's got one bedroom. It's got one and a half bathrooms. It's 1,445 square feet and on the second floor. It's got three working fireplaces and a balcony. Its ceiling are 13 feet high. Unit 4 at 135 Commonwealth Avenue may be Boston's priciest 1-BR condo officially on the market, but within that size it offers quite a bit, wouldn't you say?

The spread with hardwood floors and a deeded parking spot wants $1,499,999. And, lest you roll your jaded eyes and mutter that no one ever no how would pay that or anything close to that for a 1-BR condo, no matter how many square feet, know this: After a little more than five months on the market, Unit 4 has found a buyer. Stay tuned for the closing.
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