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Charlestown Apts. O.K.'d Without—Gasp!—On-Site Parking

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The redevelopment of the old quarter-mile-long Ropewalk Building in Charlestown has taken a giant leap forward with Boston Redevelopment Authority's approval of a 90-unit residential complex there. As much as 30 percent of the development's apartments will be designated affordable and developer Frontier Enterprises will polish the streetscape nearby as part of a deal with the city. The current plans are also rather different than earlier ones, which called for 68 townhouse-style apartments.

More portentously than anything, the Ropewalk redo was O.K.'d without any on-site parking. Instead, tenants with cars will have to prove they lease spots in a garage or an off-street location. Such parking-less development does not happen often in Boston, no matter how popular biking gets or how extensive the T becomes.
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