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New Boston Building Guidelines; 24-7 Boston; Mass. Road Trips

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BOSTON—Now if the city could only get parklets to stick... "Today, things are different. Elected officials are in a footrace to follow the lead of Somerville, with its embrace of later closings and more nightlife options. Bostonians are behaving like they live in Seattle; Portland, Ore.; San Francisco; or, God forbid, New York." [Globe]
BOSTON—The agency can't force developers to do this, but they can certainly make life more difficult for those who don't: "New development review guidelines adopted by the Boston Redevelopment Authority on Thursday are intended to instead convince developers to incorporate 'ideal' accessibility and 'visitability' accommodations into their building projects." [Herald]
MASS.-WIDE—Despite the herds of Massholes on our highways, a new survey pegs the commonwealth as the 12th best state in the nation for summer road trips. Though we're 40th when it comes to affordable three-star hotels and 31st when it comes to gas prices. [Wallet Hub]