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Meet the Fast-Selling Luxury Condos of 9 Commonwealth Ave.

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Four of the five units at the recent conversion at 9 Commonwealth Avenue hit the sales market last week—and two have already found buyers. First, let's check out the two that haven't:
· Unit 4 on the fifth floor has three bedrooms and three bathrooms as well as direct elevator access and one garage parking space. It's 2,080 square feet and asking $3,950,000.
· Unit 2 is a third-floor unit of identical size. It wants $3,700,000. Maybe the lower price is that the parking space is outside? We all know how much prime parking in downtown Boston can go for, after all.

These two units are already under agreement:
· The 3-BR, 3.5-BA Unit 5 on the sixth floor is 3,728 square feet. Like the two above it's got direct elevator access. But! It comes with two garage parking spaces. Its asking? And astounding $8,100,000—or $2,172 a square foot.
· And Unit 3 on the fourth floor is another 3-BR, 3-BA, 2,080-square-foot unit with one garage parking space. It found a buyer asking $3,850,000.
We should add, too, that the association fee for 9 Commonwealth is a relatively infinitesimal $99. What's that when we're talking millions in mere days?
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