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You Would Rather Own a House in Southie Than a Condo

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And, now, the results of our Real Estate Deathmatch.

It wasn't even close: The 3-BR, 2.5-BA house at 479 East 4th Street in Southie trounced the brand-new 2-BR, 2-BA condo at 45 A Street in our first-ever Real Estate Deathmatch. Both have about the same asking price (the 1,984-square-foot house wants $949K vs. $975K for the 1,580-square-foot condo). As one of you put it in the comments section, the dimensions and these prices spoke for themselves: "A house that's cheaper, has an extra bedroom and no condo fee is a no-brainer." So, despite the apparently insatiable demand for condos in South Boston, it appears, given your druthers (and a limitless bank account), a house would be preferable. Deathmatch decided.
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