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Let's Name Downtown Waltham's First Modern Development

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On Thursday morning, developer Northland Investment and local officials, including Mayor Jeannette McCarthy, plan to formally unveil the name of what's being billed as the first modern development ever in downtown Waltham, where time seems to have stopped when the watch factory went out of business.

The complex is going up at the 4.5-acre site of the old Mercantile Building. It will have 269 apartments in three five-story buildings that will also have 27,595 square feet of retail space. Though the spread is in walking distance of Waltham's commuter rail stop, there will also be a 300-car garage and 92 surface parking spots. Construction is getting under way.

As for a name for the historic undertaking? A rep for the developer said that all would be revealed on Thursday. Until then, we welcome suggestions at the always-discreet Curbed Boston Tipline. Tell us: What should downtown Waltham's big new development call itself?
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