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Rose Kennedy Greenway Public Art; Mass. House, Condo Sales

BOSTON—The works join a plethora of new public art about town: "On Wednesday the nonprofit funder ArtPlace will announce a $250,000 public art grant for the Greenway, a 15-acre network of parks in downtown Boston. That follows by just a few days the announcement of plans for a $1 million public art expansion that will include the installation next year of a huge, billowing fabric work meant to hover over the park, by Brookline-based artist Janet Echelman." [Globe]
MASS.-WIDE—Take your pick of the latest statewide housing stats: "[House] sales dropped nearly 10 percent when compared with May 2013, but median prices jumped 7 percent to nearly $348,000, according to the Waltham-based Massachusetts Association of Realtors. ... The Warren Group, a Boston-based publisher of business data, reported a 7 percent year-over-year decrease in sales but a jump in median prices of almost 5 percent to $340,000. ... The Realtors showed a slight decrease in May-to-May condominium sales while The Warren Group reported a slight increase." [Herald]

Rose Kennedy Greenway

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