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Southie School Development; Hub Condo Pools; Alewife Protest

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SOUTH BOSTON—The archdiocese of Boston says it's committed to selling the old Gate of Heaven Elementary School to a developer: "The proposed deal has pitted the local neighborhood against church officials intent on selling the school that closed in 2008. Michael Moore, the owner of Oranmore Enterprises in Boston, has an agreement with the Archdiocese to purchase the property at 609 East Fourth Street for an undisclosed price. Under the plan, the developer would build 31 units in the 48,900-square-foot, four-story school, with 40 parking spots." [Biz Journal]
HUB-WIDE—You know which Hub neighborhoods right this second have the most condo listings with pools. Now here are the ones that don't have any: Somerville, the South End and South Boston. Back to our regularly scheduled summer. [Twitter]
BELMONT/CAMBRIDGE—Out in the cities' borderlands, the latest protest over a planned affordable-housing development amid a silver maple forest is set to take place Saturday: "The protest, which is scheduled for Saturday, is the latest in a long series of attempts to challenge or prevent the proposed affordable housing development, which would be located on private property in the middle of the state-owned 120-acre Alewife Brook Reservation." [Globe]