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Check Out the Giant Ice Rink and Other Harbor Garage Plans

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Developer Don Chiofaro on Wednesday unveiled fresh plans for the redevelopment of the Boston Harbor Garage. Recall his earlier plans stalled amid skittishness about the height (what else?) and a public feud with then-Mayor Tom Menino. Well, Menino's out of office and height's not such a scary thing in downtown Boston anymore. So there was Chiofaro & Co. with plans for two skyscrapers, one 600 feet and the other 500 feet.

The towers together would hold 700,000 square feet of office space; a luxury hotel with between 250 and 300 rooms; 120 condos; three levels of retail and restaurants; and 1,400 parking spaces. All total, we're talking 1,300,000 square feet on the waterfront.

Plus! As a deal sweetener, Chiofaro is offering to build out "Harbor Square," a "four-season programmable open space with roof that can be closed seasonally." At its widest point, it would be 167 feet across, "large enough," the developer says, "to comfortably accommodate the Rockefeller Center ice rink." Neat.

Chiofaro may yet refine the plans with public input. But you get the general idea. Ball's in the Municipal Harbor Planning committee's court now, and probably later on squarely in Mayor Marty Walsh's wheelhouse, too. Stay tuned.
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[All renderings via Kohn Pedersen Fox Associates]