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Top Chef Intel; Boston Burger Boom; More!

Time for a bite of restaurant news from Eater Boston.

FENWAY—Take a look inside Loretta's Last Call, the new Southern-inspired restaurant, bar, and live music venue on Lansdowne Street.
HUB-WIDE—Are burger joints the next cupcake shop? There are already plenty in town, but a lot more are on the way. Here's a look at Boston's burger landscape.
HUB-WIDE—Eater National caught up with loads of chefs at the annual Food & Wine event in Aspen, including Top Chef judge Hugh Acheson and Boston's own Barbara Lynch. Both shared some intel on this season of Top Chef, which is shooting in Boston, and Lynch talked about her plans for the future, which could include more restaurants.
HUB-WIDE— Here are eight ways to satisfy your pimento cheese craving, from a pimento-slathered spicy fried corn on the cob as Estelle's to a ham and pimento sandwich at Cutty's.