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The Merc at Moody & Main; Beacon Hill Garden; Walkability

WALTHAM—We asked you to guess the new name for downtown Waltham's first modern development and one of you actually nailed it! It's called the Merc at Moody & Main—as in the old Mercantile Building that the 269-unit, three-story complex will supplant. Very latest renderings above. [Curbed Boston]
BEACON HILL—The corner of David G. Mugar Way and Beaver Place is about to get a do-over thanks to two residents who will build up a private garden where an eyesore now gapes. [Beacon Hill Times]
HUB-WIDE—Take that, Gotham! "While most of the walkable areas in New York City are confined to the island of Manhattan, the Boston area has embraced widespread urban development. Of the Boston area's 37 walkable commercial districts, six of them are located in the adjacent communities of Cambridge, Somerville, and Brookline, while older cities such as Newburyport, Fitchburg, and Plymouth have also steered economic and residential development to their downtowns." [Globe]