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Bids for Johnson Building Redo; 'Wrong Way' in Allston

COPLEY SQUARE—The Boston Public Library has put out the bat signal for bidders to renovate part of its Johnson Building: "The project at 700 Boylston Street seeks to renovate 130,000 square feet of public space within the 425,690-square-foot, seven-story facility. The plan calls for upgrades to building systems as well as the property's entrance and lobby." [Biz Journal]
ALLSTON—MassDOT is apparently not playing the long game here: "The $260 million Allston roadway project is still early in the planning process, but it's heading the wrong way in a hurry. MassDOT said last week it has no plans to build a new rail hub, known in transportation circles as West Station, as part of the Turnpike straightening effort. That statement was a gigantic red flag, because unless you're speeding through Allston on the Turnpike, every benefit that stems from a straightened highway flows from the construction of West Station." [Globe]