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Here's What a Redone Carriage House in Cambridge Looks Like

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The 2,275-square-foot abode at 7 Appleton Terrace in Cambridge's western reaches was born in 1873 as a carriage house—you know, for horses and the things they pulled and such. Well, in the intervening century-plus it's been converted, restored and restored again, reborn as the largely low-ceilinged single-family you see before you. If you can get past that, you get to the airiness and sunlight; the kitchen that was updated in 2011; the master suite with Juliet balcony (and cathedral ceilings!); the parking space; and the privacy, tucked away as the house is off a side street and down a (bridle?) path.

The 2-BR, 2.5-BA 7 Appleton just hit the sales market for a cool $1,395,000. It last sold for $1,130,000 in January 2005, about what it's asking nine years later.
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