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In Back Bay, You Would Rather Live in the Mandarin Oriental

And, now, the results of our Real Estate Deathmatch.

You spoke your preference by yet another wide margin in our latest Real Estate Deathmatch. Unit W-10A at the Mandarin Oriental smoked the last unsold unit at the brand-new Chanel No. 6, 61 percent to 39 percent. As one reader put it, it was all about the build-out costs inherent in buying the floor-through Unit 301 at Chanel No. 6: "$8M for Newbury, plus all the renovations and construction as well as cables and all that and you are looking at $10M. For that money, I would rather build a mansion somewhere with 6 car garage."

Still, some were fans of the newer condo's quieter location: "Chanel, no question. It's on the quiet part of Newbury, right near the park and downtown. Mandarin is on the busy area of Boylston, lots of drunks at night at the bars, swamped with tourists at all times. No thanks." What ended up as a the decisive factor? The winner's winning services, which the loser doesn't have: "I'd take Mandarin, only because of the location and the fact that you get a concierge as well as valet parking." Tune in this Thursday for another round.

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4-6 Newbury St. Parking Garage

4 Newbury St, Boston, Massachusetts 02116

Mandarin Oriental, Boston

776 Boylston Street, Boston, MA 02199