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Seaport Yotel Promises Tiniest Hotel Rooms in Boston


Above are floorplans for a queen room and a luxury suite at the Yotel in New York's Times Square. Why are we interested in rooms in a Gotham lodge famous/infamous for its small sizes? Because a Yotel might be coming to the Seaport—and bringing with it the tiniest hotel rooms in all of Boston.

The 307-room Yotel, where "cabins" would range from 160 to 200 square feet, would be part of the massive Seaport Square development. It would go on a Seaport Boulevard spot that had originally been pegged for apartments. The Globe's Casey Ross has more: "A preliminary proposal for the Yotel calls for an 11-story building with a rooftop bar and seating area, designed by the Boston architecture firm ADD Inc."

And if you're thinking the concept of small living spaces in that game-change-y part of Boston sounds familiar, you're right—but only to an extent. Unlike micro-apartments, with their very much macro-rents, the Yotel's cabins would be generally less expensive than traditional hotels. And you'd have that monsoon shower besides.
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